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Catchy jam band songs!

Introducing, "a kid's album" by Liquid Evergreen, 
splendid set of original catchy kid's songs that won't disappoint you.

You and your kids will love singing and bouncing 
along to these fun energetic tunes.

A kids album delivers hypnotic sing-along rounds,
story songs, and catchy hooks that'll get stuck in your head for days.

"My girl, Eden, loves these songs, especially'secret handshake', she gets all excited and starts dancing all around, its the funniest thing!" -Ed

Don't hesitate, give it a listen, and buy your copy today!

"A Kid's Album" is available for purchase directly from Paint Can Records using Paypal. Buy now and get free shipping!

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"A Kid's Album" by Liquid Evergreen
Released July 3, 2007

Liquid Evergreen Productions


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